Easy Access & Disabled Bathrooms

If a customer has recently had an operation, has mobility difficulty, or is disabled, we are able to offer various solutions of assisted living from small mobility improvements and walk in baths to full disabled bathrooms in order to make bathing and showering more manageable. Where a bath is preferred, there are walk in bath options in either a smaller sit down style, or full length size. If showering is preferred, then the solution may be a minimal 'easy access' low level tray with either a simple door-less enclosure, or a half height door design along with curtains. We install very strong yet stylish chrome grab bars to provide safety and stability, and our chosen model of fold down seat is sturdy yet compact in size. Textured safety floor coverings can be coved up walls in order to cater for 'wet rooms', and are available in an extensive range of colours.

Shower seats and shower chairs
Walk in shower
Pull down shower seat
Shower seat
Low level walk in shower
Grab rails
Easy Access Bathrooms
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From the moment you step into our showroom, or pick up the telephone, as we say in our advert, "We take care of absolutely everything - Satisfaction guaranteed."

We can help make bathing easier with:

  • Walk in baths & Walk in showers
  • Disabled bathroom design
  • Shower Seats / Shower Chairs
  • Grab bars an mobility accessories
  • Raised toilets