Laufen & Jika Bathrooms

Laufen & Jika

LAUFEN bathrooms enjoy international acclaim. The Swiss company is synonymous with design, quality and function.


As a company manufacturing products that use a precious resource, water, LAUFEN feels duty bound to protect this natural basis of existence. It therefore places priority on environmentally-friendly production, using energy and raw materials sparingly at all levels of production.


Our past customers have particularly benefited from Laufen’s innovations in hygiene, such as ‘Laufen Clean Coat’ and ‘Antibak’ special coatings which make cleaning easy.


Jika is part of the Laufen Group and offers alternative design.

Laufen bathrooms
Laufen double bathroom sink
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Jika bathrooms
Laufen bathrooms
Laufen bathrooms suites